Garden Mulch in Melbourne, Geelong and Victoria

Using quality mulch is an essential gardening practice that offers numerous benefits to both the soil and the plants. Mulch is a protective layer spread over the soil's surface or around plants. It can be made from a variety of organic or inorganic materials.

Mulch has a variety of uses, such as:

  • Weed Suppression¬†
  • Pest Control¬†
  • Moisture retention and Reduction of Evaporation¬†
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Boosting Soil Health
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Erosion Control¬†

Choosing the right mulch is pivotal for any garden's health and aesthetics. At Daisy's Garden Supplies, we've curated a selection of premium mulches to ensure your garden thrives. With 8 stores located across Melbourne and Geelong, we can ensure we can get the right mulch to your doorstep. We recommend our mulch is laid 50-100mm thick.  At Daisy’s, we offer mulch in bags or loose mulch to maximise utility across a wide range of project needs. 

Pick-up and Delivery Options:  

Convenience is key at Daisy’s Garden Supplies. With eight strategically located stores across Melbourne and Geelong areas, finding "mulch Melbourne" or even more specific "mulch suppliers near me" has never been easier. Looking for mulch delivery? No worries. Our diverse fleet ranges from tipping utes to large truck and trailer combinations, ensuring timely delivery of orders ranging from 1 to 50 cubic meters. With a commitment to providing unmatched quality, there might be natural variations in our products, so we always recommend visiting our stores to get a firsthand impression or allowing us to deliver straight to your site. We strive for excellence, and our modern fleet exemplifies our promise for prompt and reliable service. 

Bagged Mulch Volume per bag: 25L

Top FAQ’s: 

What is mulch? 

Mulch is a layer of organic or inorganic material that is spread over the surface of soil in gardens, flower beds, and landscapes. Its primary purposes are to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, enhance the fertility and health of the soil, and improve the visual appeal of the area. Mulch can be made of a variety of materials, including shredded bark, leaves, straw, grass clippings, wood chips, and even stones. 

How much mulch do I need? 

The amount of mulch you need largely depends on the size of the area you're covering and the desired thickness of the mulch layer. Typically, mulch is laid 50-100mm thick to effectively suppress weeds, retain moisture, and regulate soil temperature. 

To accurately determine the volume of mulch required for your specific project, we recommend using the trusty Daisy's Mulch Volume Calculator. This tool will help you calculate the precise amount of mulch you need based on your space's dimensions and your desired mulch depth. With it, you can ensure you order just the right quantity, avoiding wastage and unnecessary costs. 

What mulch is best? 

The best mulch largely depends on the specific needs of your garden and aesthetic preferences. At Daisy's, we believe in offering the highest quality mulches tailored for diverse requirements. Red Wood Mulch and Black Wood Mulch, both produced from recycled pine and hardwood pallets, are top-tier choices for gardens aiming for moisture retention and weed suppression. For organic enthusiasts, our Tree Mulch, derived from tree lopping and pruning, adds organic matter over time, enhancing the soil's overall health. The Pine Bark Mulch is another organic option. 

  • For playgrounds, our Playsafe Mulch is certified as a soft fall mulch, ensuring both aesthetics and safety. ¬†

Can I get mulch delivered?  

Yes, Daisy’s Garden Supplies offers mulch delivery services across Melbourne, Geelong, and throughout Victoria. 

Mulch for vegetable garden? 

  • Benefits of Mulching in Vegetable Gardens:¬†

    • Retains soil moisture.¬†
    • Reduces weed growth.¬†
    • Regulates soil temperature.¬†
    • Improves soil structure.¬†
    • Deters certain pests.¬†
  • Note:¬†

    • Organic mulches like straw, grass clippings, leaves, and certain wood chips are ideal for vegetable gardens because they enrich the soil as they decompose.
    • Bark and wood mulches decompose more¬†slowly and might affect soil nitrogen temporarily as well as being less suited for quick organic contribution to vegetable gardens.¬†We recommend not to use bark and wood mulches for vegetable gardens.¬†
    • Compost, with its nutrient-rich composition, also serves as an excellent mulch, fostering soil health and attracting beneficial insects.


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