Daisy's Hi​story


Daisy’s Garden Supplies is a family owned & operated landscaping and building supplies business in Victoria, supplying product across commercial, wholesale, trade and retail. Neil and Margaret Mulcahy started the business from humble beginnings over 40 years ago in Ringwood. Daisy's have developed a business supplying innovative and quality landscape solutions to the industry through investment in people, fleet and a vertically integrated supply chain. Daisy's Garden Group has expanded to now include specialist brands like Amazing Turf and Diamond Way Bricklaying Tools to increase our value to our customer base.

Daisy's Today

Our experienced team operate nine stores across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. “Our family have been supplying Victorian families and businesses with a range of specialised products across home improvements, landscaping, construction and building. We have developed long term relationships with staff, suppliers and customers through our approach to supplying quality products”.

Evan Mulcahy – Managing Director and 2nd Generation Family Member 

Daisy's Values 

Daisy's values has been developed over the past 40 years with a strong family focus and sense of purpose "delivering pathways for growth" assisting our staff and business partners. These values and principles have been shaped by our family members, Neil, Margaret, Evan Mulcahy and our other family businesses that we have acquired that have helped shape Daisy's to the business that we operate today.