Firewood Delivery Melbourne, Geelong & Surf Coast

Sourced from Red Gum trees, Redgum firewood stands out as a top-tier firewood choice. This hardwood is distinguished by its striking red colour and distinct grain patterns. Thanks to its dense and resilient nature, it's ideal for burning. When lit, red gum firewood emits a robust, glowing heat, ensuring warmth even during Melbourne’s coldest nights. Its long burn duration also means less frequent tending to the flames. Not only is Redgum firewood a practical heat source, but it's also environmentally conscious. Harvested and processed through eco-friendly means, it's a renewable and responsibly acquired resource. Beyond its heating capabilities, red gum wood enhances the ambiance of any fireplace or fire pit with its elegant appearance, making it a favoured choice for those desiring a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

Daisy's Garden Supplies is proud to offer swift and dependable firewood delivery across Melbourne and Victoria with eight strategically located stores, there's bound to be one conveniently close to you. With an expansive presence across Melbourne and Geelong, as well as along the surf coast, our commitment is promptness in our delivery of our redgum firewood usually within hours of placing an order. However, for a seamless experience, especially during warmer months, we suggest ordering a day in advance. Catering to diverse delivery requirements, our fleet ranges from small trucks to larger setups, ensuring your firewood reaches you, irrespective of the order's size. Embrace warmth and elegance with Daisy's Garden Supplies ‚Äď your trusted partner in firewood.¬†

Firewood FAQs:

Is redgum good firewood? 

The foundation of any great fire lies in the choice of firewood. Redgum Firewood is an excellent option for building a long-lasting fire. Here are the benefits of using it: 

  • High heat output
  • Long burning time¬†
  • Sustainably grown and sourced¬†
  • Minimal smoke production¬†

How much firewood fits in a 6x4 trailer? 

As a general estimate, a 6x4 trailer can accommodate about 300kg (0.3 tonnes) of firewood.

How much firewood do I need to last over winter?

During the typical winter season in Melbourne, customers often purchase between 1 to 3 tonnes of firewood. However, the ideal quantity varies based on several factors including your burning habits, the duration of your burns, and whether you burn throughout the day or just during the night. For a more tailored recommendation, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team. 


What does 1 tonne of firewood look like?  

There are around 2 cubic meters of firewood per tonne of firewood. 


Where do you deliver to in Victoria?  

We offer prompt and reliable firewood delivery services across Melbourne, Geelong and beyond. No matter your needs, trust Daisy's Garden Supplies to deliver quality every time. 


Do you sell bagged or loose firewood?  

Yes, we offer both options. Our firewood is available bagged, with each bag containing 20kg of firewood. Alternatively, you can purchase our loose firewood by the tonne. 


How do I Prepare a fire? 

To find out about how to prepare indoor and outdoor fires read our in depth article about how to light the perfect fire.  


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