Stepping Stones & Pavers

Stepping Stones and Pavers for Gardens

Dive into our expansive collection of Stepping Stones and Pavers at Daisy's, built to meet the aesthetic and functional demands of any garden or path. Whether you're on the lookout for round stepping stones, square concrete paving slabs, or stepping stones specifically designed for Melbourne's environment, our selection will surely captivate. Our Natural Bluestone Steppers are perfect for those seeking stepping stones for gardens or a graceful path. Likewise, for those after a touch of modernity, our square, round and rectangular pavers, built to the stringent Australian MPa Standards, offer unrivalled resilience combined with timeless style. Moreover, the rich diversity extends with our Black Limestone and cream (Beech) Limestone stepping stones, infusing a blend of sophistication into your outdoor spaces. 

Understanding the hustle of modern living in Melbourne and Geelong, Daisy’s ensures convenience is always at your fingertips. With 8 strategically located stores, finding stepping stones or pavers near me has never been easier. Whether you’re in Melbourne or the bustling locales of Geelong, our outlets are poised to serve you. And for those seeking the luxury of doorstep delivery, our robust fleet, ranging from tipping utes to large truck and trailer combinations, is geared up for prompt and reliable deliveries of your stepping stones and pavers. Whether it's a petite order or a large haul for a grand landscape transformation, Daisy’s is ever-ready to bring your vision to life. Dive into our offerings today, and redefine your exteriors with unmatched grace and functionality.


Stepping stone meaning? 

Stepping stones are individual stones, usually flat and typically made of natural rock, concrete, or some other hard material, that are placed in lawns, gardens, or pathways to allow people to walk across them and avoid walking on the ground directly. They are often used in garden designs to create paths through lawns or planted areas without causing damage to plants or getting feet wet. 

Is there stepping stone delivery near me ? 

We offer prompt and reliable delivery services across Melbourne, Geelong and beyond. No matter your needs, trust Daisy's Garden Supplies to deliver quality every time. 

Pavers vs concrete? 

  • Design Options: Pavers offer creative patterns due to individual bricks, while concrete has diverse designs through techniques like stencilling, stamping, and colouring. 
  • Strength & Longevity: Pavers can be up to four times stronger than concrete and are less likely to crack with ground movement. Concrete, while strong, can crack and stain over time. 
  • Safety & Maintenance: Pavers have better drainage, and can be individually replaced if damaged. Concrete is initially cheaper but can be slippery and requires more effort if access beneath is needed or if major repairs are required. 
  • Cost: Concrete is generally cheaper per metre but decorative options like stamped concrete may bring costs comparable to pavers.