Drives and Pathways

Build stunning driveways and paths with Daisy’s top-tier crushed rock, crusher dust and topping products. Our selection ranges from the refined Tuscan Toppings with its notable sandstone crushed rock texture to the robust Crusher Dust, perfect decorative topping for driveways and paths. Dive into the premium Granite (Tynong) Toppings, a high-grade topping which is made of a very fine material perfect for walking upon even without shoes, or enjoy the gentle feel of Brown Granite (Dromana) Toppings. Seeking a strong base? Our Crushed Rock Classes, including 20mm class 2, class 3 and class 4, offer firm foundations for paving and slabs. We also stock a Granitic Sand, also known as deco granite, or choose distinct blends like Lilyblend and Baywater Blend Toppings. Each product promises durability and style for maximising your space. 

With eight stores across Melbourne and Geelong, getting our products is a breeze. If "crushed rock near me", "crusher dust suppliers near me", or "path toppings delivery" is your query, Daisy’s delivers swiftly and reliably. Our fleet handles varied demands, from 1 to 50 cubic meters per delivery. Rely on our reputation for outstanding garden and building supplies and unmatched delivery, and build your perfect driveways and pathways with Daisy’s expertise utalising our prompt delivery services in Victoria. 


What is crusher dust? 

Crusher dust is a byproduct of the mining and quarrying industry and is sometimes called quarry dust or fine aggregate. It's a finely graded crushed material produced when rocks are processed in crushers. This dust is composed of small particles of rock and is often used in construction and landscaping for various purposes such as being final layer under synthetic turf. Crusher dust is classed as a fine crushed rock and graded from 5mm down to dust. 

What are the classes of Crushed Rock? 

The quality hierarchy of Daisy's crushed rock classes is evident: Class 2 offers the higher quality, followed by Class 3, and then Class 4. 

  • 20mm B Grade Crushed Rock (Class 2): Serving as more premium offering, it is used for paving and concrete slabs. It compacts hard, providing height and a stable, compacted base. 
  • 20mm Crushed Rock Class 3: A step below in terms of quality but still reliable, this rock compacts hard and is ideal for use under paving and concrete slabs, ensuring a solid base. 
  • 20mm Crushed Rock Class 4: As our most budget-friendly option, this material compacts hard and is primarily utilised under paving and concrete slabs for height and a steady base. 

This classification ensures customers can select the appropriate crushed rock based on both quality and budget considerations. 

How to lay toppings? 

For best results, this product should be laid to a minimum depth of 50mm, moistened with water and compacted with a roller or vibrating plate compacter. 

How much do I need? 

Use our trusty volume calculator which brings ease to calculating the amount of crusher dust, toppings or crushed rock you need for your next project. 

Is ​Crusher Dust good for drainage? 

Yes, Crusher Dust is good for drainage. Thanks to its lightweight and porous nature, it facilitates water retention and minimises run-off, making it an ideal choice for drainage solutions. Commonly used beneath patios and pavers by builders, Crusher Dust can effectively manage water in landscaping projects. Moreover, it serves as a reliable filling material for low areas prone to water collection, helping to prevent issues such as root rot, wet soil, and insect infestation around the home.


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