Daisy’s Garden Supplies has been actively involved in recycling, re-using and ensuring minimal waste since it started trading in 1979. Many of the products sold in our stores have been recycled and/or reclaimed like:

  • Our soils are reclaimed from road & building projects.
  • Composts are sourced from green waste picked up by councils
  • Our mulches are made from industry and timber waste.
  • The railway sleepers are reclaimed from railway lines throughout the country
  • Our bluestone pitchers are recycled from laneways and buildings throughout Melbourne
  • Even the bin walls in our yards are second hand concrete panels

To continue this process we developed R.I.S.E. Our guidelines for decision making to practice sustainability across the business.


Our business is made from, installed into, and enjoyed in the outdoors. This gives us great insight and responsibility to ensure the long-term well-being of the environment.

Our process of managing our sustainability impact focuses on four key areas.


We are dedicated to eliminating waste through reusing, repurposing, and recycling. Products like our Railway Sleepers are high quality re-purposed materials that will continue to perform for generations.


We aspire to develop innovating products and practices that benefit both the environment and our customers.


Contribute to a sustainable society by providing environmentally friendly solutions to our customers in growing their own food, composting and conserving water.


A commitment to educating our customers and the community on eco-friendly and sustainable gardening practices.