Melbourne's Premier Sand Supplier

Welcome to Daisy’s, your prime destination when you're seeking sand and soil near me as while we do specialise in soil our sands do not disappoint with years of industry experience. Whether you’re on the hunt for the impeccable white washed sandpit sand or washed concrete sand, we've got you covered. For those dedicated to maintaining top-tier sports grounds and golf greens, our turf sand ensures superior performance by resisting compaction and upholding excellent drainage even under extensive use. Our diverse range includes, but is not limited to, industry leading premium brick sand, perfect for bricklaying; plaster sand, optimal for use by plasterers and renderers; and the practical packing sand, ready for concrete slab undertakings. Coarse washed sand, our most robust variety, enhances soil structure and drainage. Known as kerb or propagating sand, it's ideal for potting mixes, under paving, and in concrete kerb production. The grey brick sand serves those pursuing a lighter shade of mortar, and for core filling solutions, our core fill blend and concrete mix bulk are ready-to-use and waiting. Whether you require loose or bagged sand for your projects, at Daisy's, we cater to both needs ensuring versatility and convenience. Need to calculate your sand volume? Look no further than our user-friendly sand volume calculator. 

Our commitment to you goes beyond the quality of sand we offer. Located strategically across Melbourne and Geelong, our eight stores guarantee a seamless pickup experience. However, if you prefer a hands-off approach, we've invested in a leading delivery service utalising a diverse fleet ranging from tipping utes to large truck and trailer combinations. Whether it's sand delivery, concrete mix bags, or a hefty sand and gravel requirement, our delivery service caters to orders from a cubic meter to an impressive 50 cubic meters in one go. And if it's garden supplies that you're after, our range remains unmatched in both Melbourne and Victoria with eight conveniently located stores. The sheer versatility of our sand supplies coupled with our unwavering commitment to punctuality, ensures Daisy’s remains your number one choice for all your sand-related needs.  


Where can I get sand and soil near me? 

At Daisy’s, conveniently located across eight stores in Melbourne and Geelong, we offer a premium range of sand and soil to meet your every need. Whether you're seeking specialised sands or any other garden supply products such as soil, trust Daisy's for prompt pickup or reliable delivery services. 

What is sand weight per m3? 

The weight of sand per m3 varies depending on the product due to differences in density and other factors. The best way to get an accurate weight for a specific type of sand is to contact us directly. Please give us a call via the Contact Us page for precise information. 

What sand to use under pavers? 

For laying pavers, we recommend using white washed sand, also known as sandpit sand. This sand is ideal for use under paving and is excellent for sweeping into the joints. Another suitable option is washed concrete sand. Both these sands ensure a stable and durable base for your paving 

What is concrete mix? 

Our concrete mix is a convenient, ready-to-use premixed blend of 14mm screenings and washed concrete sand. Simply add cement and water to produce concrete. It's designed for general concreting purposes, providing both consistency and quality for your projects. 

What sand to use on turf? 

For turf applications, especially on high-performance areas like golf greens and sports ovals, we recommend using turf sand. This fine graded sand is specifically designed to resist compaction, ensuring optimal drainage and structural integrity even under extensive activity. Turf sand provides a smooth and durable surface, making it the ideal choice for areas that experience frequent use. 

Coarse sand meaning? 

Coarse washed sand, the coarsest variety we offer at Daisy’s, has similar properties to with kerb or propagating sand. Characterised by its larger particles and the presence of small stones, this sand type is renowned for its excellent drainage properties. Often incorporated into heavy soils, it enhances both structure and drainage. Beyond these applications, it's frequently utilised as a staple in propagating and potting mixes. Moreover, Coarse Washed Sand, with its inherent minerals from the riverbed, is also beneficial when mixed through garden beds, improving drainage and enriching the soil.