Hardwood Stakes and Pegs

At Daisy’s we stock a range of Hardwood Stakes and Pegs, sourced from quality suppliers to support your gardening and construction needs. Our products combine durability and precision, making them essential for both novice gardeners and professional builders.

Why Choose Daisy's Garden Supplies?

Daisy's Garden Supplies brings over 40 years of experience in providing high-quality landscape and construction products, ensuring that our Hardwood Stakes and Pegs meet the highest standards of durability and functionality. We maintain strong relationships with top suppliers to consistently offer a diverse selection tailored for various gardening and marking needs. Our knowledgeable staff across eight Victoria locations is always ready to assist, ensuring you find the perfect products for your projects.

Reliable Delivery Service

Daisy's Garden Supplies also offers a top-notch delivery service across Melbourne, Geelong, and other parts of Victoria, ensuring swift and reliable delivery right to your doorstep or project site. From our eight strategically located stores, we deploy a wide range of vehicles, equipped to handle deliveries for any project size. Whether it’s a few stakes for a backyard garden or bulk supplies for a large construction site, we have the capability and fleet to meet your needs efficiently and on time.


What we stock:

Hardwood Garden Stakes


Boost the stability of your plants with our Hardwood Garden Stakes. These stakes are designed for long-term outdoor use.


  • High-Quality Hardwood: Ensures longevity and strength.
  • Pre-Pointed Ends: Makes soil insertion smooth and easy.
  • Size Options: Ranging from 900mm to 2100mm.
  • Thickness Varieties: Available with base sizes of 25x25mm and 40x40mm (only for select lengths) for added stability.


Great for supporting growing plants to help them stand tall and stable.

Hardwood Pegs


Our Hardwood Pegs are perfect for clearly marking boundaries on construction sites and gardens. They are especially suited for use by surveyors, landscapers, and construction professionals.


  • Versatile Use: Ideal for surveying, landscaping, and marking concrete layouts.
  • Multiple Heights: Choose from 300mm to 900mm to fit your specific needs.
  • Sold Individually: Purchase the exact number you need for your project.


Frequently used by professionals to mark areas and points accurately on various worksites.




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