Weed Mat & Geotextile

Daisy's is your premier destination for all weed mat and pins, mulch mat and geotextile needs. Our Weed Mat, constructed of woven polypropylene, not only takes pride in being made of 100% recycled components but also guarantees high endurance with a UV-stabilized, 85gsm density. Available in both prepackaged and bulk dimensions, it ensures excellent water and air permeability while resisting most garden chemicals. Partnered with our Weed Mat pins, you can easily secure the mats under gravel, around trees, and in garden beds. In addition, our Mulch Mat, built from non-woven, UV-stabilized polypropylene, plays an integral role in weed management, safeguarding soil from erosion. We also stock Geotextile Fabric, made through a thorough needle-punching technique, offers multifunctionality – from stabilising soil and preventing erosion to ensuring optimal drainage and filtration. Ideal for both civil construction and landscape applications, it’s a must-have for every necessary project in Melbourne and Geelong. 

Whether you're in Melbourne or Geelong, Daisy’s is just around the corner with 8 convenient locations. Looking for Weed Mat for trees or a Geotextile drainage fabric near me? Daisy’s has you covered. Our robust delivery fleet, ranging from tipping utes to large truck-trailer combos, ensures your supplies, whether a cubic meter or as vast as 50 cubic meters, reach you promptly. Choose us for efficient delivery, superior quality products, and uncompromised customer service. Experience gardening solutions that rank above the rest with our quality selection of weed mats, mulch mats and geotextile fabrics.


What is geotextile fabric? 

Geotextile fabric is a specialised material designed for geotechnical and soil management tasks. It offers multi-functional solutions such as filtration, drainage, separation, reinforcement, and stabilization. Produced using a needle-punching technique from recycled materials, it's integral to civil construction, gardening, and landscaping. 

This fabric is typically grey and comes in various sizes, including bulk rolls of 50m or 10m lengths, with widths of 1m or 1.2m. Its applications range from stabilising soil, preventing erosion, ensuring proper drainage, to reducing weed growth and paving reinforcement. 

Geotextile can be used for: 

  • Stabilising soil 

  • Separation of soils 

  • Preventing soil erosion 

  • Maintaining soil moisture 

  • Drainage and filtration 

  • Retaining wall filtration 

  • Ag pipe wrapping 

  • Irrigration 

  • Reduction in weeds 

  • Landscape applications 

  • Paving reinforcement 

  • Protection in malthoid bitumen membranes 

Does weed mat let water through? 

While both weed mats and mulch mats serve as landscape fabrics to combat weed growth, they differ in their composition and permeability. Weed mats are crafted from woven polypropylene, resulting in a more rigid structure. Due to its woven design, it doesn't offer as much permeability, which means without holes, water drainage might be limited.  

On the other hand, mulch mats are constructed of spun (non-woven) polypropylene, giving them a felt-like texture. This non-woven design inherently grants them superior permeability rates for both water and air.  To summarise, while weed mats can let some water through, their woven composition restricts optimal water flow. In contrast, mulch mats, due to their non-woven structure, allow better water and air permeation. (still note that water permeability is not excellent with either as both are used as a weed control mechanism) When making a decision between the two, it's crucial to consider the specific needs of your garden or landscaping project. 


Do weed mats work? 

They are very effective in stopping weed growth, however weed mat may also block water and beneficial insects from reaching the soil. Therefore, it needs to be considered what project you are considering in terms of utilising weed mat for.  


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