Shapescaper Rings

We are proud to bring to you the strength of BlueScope® Steel with our supplier SHAPESCAPER's steel planter rings. Offered for delivery or pick-up from our stores across Melbourne and Geelong, these planter rings are the essential elements to transform your outdoor area into a living masterpiece.

SHAPESCAPER® Planter Rings – Features at a Glance:

  • Extensive Range of Sizes: Customise your garden's look with our varied sizes, from a modest 100mm to an impressive 590mm profile height.
  • BlueScope® Steel Construction: Each ring is built with a 2.0mm thickness of high-grade steel, guaranteeing lasting strength and resilience.
  • Visual Maturation: Observe as the steel naturally develops a rich, rust-like colour, blending effortlessly into any garden project.
  • Built for Australian Conditions: Made with Redcor weather-resistant steel, these rings are designed to endure variable weather conditions.

Why Choose Daisy's Garden Supplies for SHAPESCAPER®:

  • Supporting Local Excellence: We pride ourselves on backing Australian industry and the outstanding quality standards of SHAPESCAPER® rings.
  • Unlimited Design Potential: The rings offer the versatility to create everything from straightforward garden borders to intricate, tiered garden displays.
  • Effortless Upkeep, Robust Durability: The special weathering steel not only offers a distinctive appearance but also forms its own protective layer, reducing maintenance while preserving your garden's beauty.

With eight accessible store locations across Melbourne and Geelong, collecting your SHAPESCAPER® rings is just as convenient as arranging for their delivery. Elevate your garden with Daisy's Garden Supplies. 


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