Railway Sleepers

When you think of railway sleepers, envisage not just the sturdy beams that once held train tracks together, but a multifaceted element of design and landscaping that can transform any garden or outdoor space. At Daisy’s, we specialise in offering recycled railway sleepers — eco-friendly and reclaimed from their original railway purpose to ensure a new, sustainable life in your projects. Our hardwood timber sleepers are graded to perfection, ensuring quality consistency. Whether you are seeking sleepers for garden beds, considering a unique railway sleepers fence, envisioning them as steps, or designing a railway sleepers retaining wall, our range has it all. With sleepers that are resilient against swelling, shrinking, warping, and cracking, they offer durability and environmental responsibility. 

Living in Melbourne or Geelong? Daisy’s makes acquiring these landscaping gems a breeze. With 8 stores conveniently located across Melbourne and Geelong, finding railway sleepers for sale near you has never been easier. Not only do we pride ourselves on a wide array of railway sleepers — from Melbourne’s reclaimed tracks to those specifically tailored for garden edging — but our delivery service is unparalleled. From the smallest ute to large lorry and trailer combinations, Daisy's Garden Supplies ensures prompt delivery regardless of the size of your order. No worries. With our modern fleet, we guarantee a timely and reliable delivery service, bringing your dream project to life in no time. Choose Daisy’s for all your railway sleeper needs and experience quality, variety, and service at its best.


what are railway sleepers made of? 

Our railway sleepers are made from recycled hardwood timber. This timber undergoes a meticulous grading process to ensure a consistent quality throughout our product range. The grading, which includes categories like AA Grade, A Grade, B Grade, and C Grade, reflects the overall condition and quality of each sleeper. Not only are these sleepers eco-friendly, reclaimed from their past life on railways, but they are also seasoned timber. This makes them highly resistant to common issues such as twisting, warping, swelling, and shrinking. 

What is the grading system for railway sleepers? 

  • AA Grade: Little to no wear, possess all square corners, and are perfect for projects that demand the utmost quality, like retaining walls and premium garden beds. 
  • A Grade: Minimal signs of wear. They maintain straight edges, all four corners are in good condition, and they're apt for diverse applications, including constructing pathways and garden beds. 
  • B Grade: Some cracking and structural wear. However, they remain durable, having all four corners intact, making them ideal for garden edging and rustic pathways. 
  • C Grade: Well-worn sleepers, best for those seeking a rustic touch or are on a budget. Their edges are worn and they might have some cracks, but they're perfect for garden edging or adding character to landscapes. 

How to use railway sleepers?

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