Diamond Blades

We stock a wide range of Diamond Blades where precision meets durability in every cut. Our selection includes a range of high-quality diamond blades from trade specialists like Ox Tools, made to cater to a diverse range of cutting needs. The OX General Purpose Turbo Diamond Blade, a standout in our collection, is designed for those in the trade. It features a 10mm laser-welded segment for extended life and is versatile enough for cutting bricks, slabs, concrete pavers, and roof tiles. The OX Contractor Turbo Diamond Blade, ideal for entry-level use, is best suited for bricks and concrete products with its robust 10mm turbo rim. For more demanding tasks, the OX Premium Turbo Segmented Blade Universal/Hard offers fast, general-purpose cutting through masonry, cured reinforced concrete, and granite.

Our range extends to specialised blades like the OX Professional MPS Turbo Diamond Blade, boasting a 12mm superfast turbo rim and unique features for reduced vibration and enhanced safety. Its semi-transparent design during use sets it apart in the market. Additionally, the OX Trade XL Turbo Diamond Blade 115mm is perfect for everyday use, efficiently cutting brick, concrete products, slabs, and pavers, and is backed by a 22.2mm/20mm bore size and a max rpm of 13200.

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