Artificial Grass versus Real Grass: The Comprehensive Comparison

6 October 2023 by
Harley Thompson


Landscaping choices often revolve around the debate between real grass and artificial turf. Both have their unique advantages and challenges. This article aims to provide a holistic view, drawing from multiple sources and expert insights.

  • Real Grass: A natural surface grown from seeds or laid as turf, requiring sunlight, water, and periodic maintenance.
  • Artificial Grass: A synthetic alternative designed to mimic real grass. It's durable, low-maintenance, and versatile.

Categories of Comparison:

1. Drought Tolerance

  • Artificial Grass:
    • Benefits: Remains green without water, ideal during water restrictions.
    • Drawbacks: None concerning drought tolerance.
  • Real Grass:
    • Benefits: Some drought-resistant species available.
    • Drawbacks: Requires water, making it less ideal during prolonged droughts.

2. Installation

  • Artificial Grass:
    • Benefits: Quick installation, immediate use post-installation, no watering required.
    • Drawbacks: Ground preparation and weed membrane application needed.
  • Real Grass:
    • Benefits: Can be grown from scratch or rolled out as turf.
    • Drawbacks: Requires ground preparation and post-installation care.

3. Durability

  • Artificial Grass:
    • Benefits: Highly durable, resistant to foot traffic, pests, and environmental fluctuations.
    • Drawbacks: None concerning durability.
  • Real Grass:
    • Benefits: Some hardy species available.
    • Drawbacks: Vulnerable to heavy foot traffic, pests, and environmental conditions.

4. Maintenance

  • Artificial Grass:
    • Benefits: Minimal maintenance, no mowing or watering required.
    • Drawbacks: Occasional cleaning might be necessary.
  • Real Grass:
    • Benefits: Natural aesthetic and feel.
    • Drawbacks: Regular mowing, watering, weeding, and potential fertilising.

5. Environmental Impact

  • Artificial Grass:
    • Benefits: Reduces water usage, no need for chemicals.
    • Drawbacks: Non-biodegradable, potential impact on local wildlife.
  • Real Grass:
    • Benefits: Supports local wildlife, produces oxygen.
    • Drawbacks: High water consumption, potential chemical usage.

6. Cost

  • Artificial Grass:
    • Benefits: Lower long-term maintenance costs.
    • Drawbacks: Higher initial installation cost.
  • Real Grass:
    • Benefits: Cheaper initial installation.
    • Drawbacks: Ongoing maintenance costs.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

  • Artificial Grass:
    • Benefits: Consistent appearance, various styles available.
    • Drawbacks: Some might prefer the natural look of real grass.
  • Real Grass:
    • Benefits: Natural look and feel.
    • Drawbacks: Can become patchy or discoloured without care.

8. Safety and Practicality

  • Artificial Grass:
    • Benefits: Even surface, hypoallergenic variants available.
    • Drawbacks: Can retain heat in extreme temperatures.
  • Real Grass:
    • Benefits: Soft and comfortable surface.
    • Drawbacks: Requires inspection for pests.

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Choosing between real and artificial grass is subjective, depending on individual preferences, environmental concerns, and usage needs. While artificial grass offers durability and convenience, real grass provides a natural ambiance. Evaluate your requirements, budget, and environmental considerations to make an informed choice.

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